How to link instagram to facebook page

How To Link Instagram To Facebook Page?

Many of us have linked our Instagram profile to our Facebook profile. After linking both the profiles, whatever you share on Instagram goes to your Facebook profile also. But I have seen many people who try to connect their organization’s Instagram profiles with their Facebook business pages and fail to do so. They end up connecting the organization’s Instagram account with their personal Facebook profiles. So, is it possible to link Instagram to Facebook page? Yes, Instagram account can be linked to the Facebook business page for which you have the admin rights.

Steps to link an Instagram account to a Facebook business page:

1. Login to the Instagram account with which you want to link the Facebook page.

2. Go to the profile. An Instagram profile looks like the following screenshot. You can navigate here by clicking the profile icon in the bottom right of your Instagram.

Now you need to open the Options Page where you will find settings for your Instagram account.

3. Click on the wheel shaped icon to open Options page. Refer the following screenshot.

Options page will look like this.

4. Scroll down to Settings -> Linked Accounts. Click on Linked Accounts.

You will be navigated to the “Share Settings” page.

5. Click on Facebook. You will have to authorize Instagram to get connected to your Facebook. Once authorization is successful, Facebook will be enabled as shown. Click on it.

You need to perform this step just for the first time. If your account is already linked with Facebook, then it will be enabled as shown below.

6. Click on “Share to”.

The default selection is your Facebook profile’s timeline. Click on it. You will get all the list of all the Facebook pages for which you have the Admin rights.

7. Select the page with which you want to link this Instagram account. For instance, I selected “ABC Real Estate Services” as I want to link my Instagram account with this page.

This links your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Now, whenever you post on your Instagram account and share it on Facebook, then the post will be shared on the Facebook page with which you have linked your Instagram account and not your timeline.

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