What Is A Title Tag?

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A Title Tag is an HTML tag used to specify the title of the web page. The title of the web page is popularly known as the Page title. The page title let the user and search engines know about what the page is all about. Let us understand the page title tags and importance of title tags in SEO.

Using Title Tag

The <title> must be a part of the <head> section of the web page.

Syntax of HTML title tag:


Here, <head> defines the head section. The title is enclosed between the <title></title> tags. “Example” is the page title in the syntax.

Where does the content enclosed within title tag appears?

The content (title text) enclosed within the <title> appears at various places.

– The title appears in the tab of web browser. As you can see in the image below, the title “Quora For Beginners” appear in the browser tab.

title tag in web browser tab

– Title tag appears in the search engine results pages. The search results display title tag as link in the search engine results page (SERPs)

title tag in search engine results page (SERP)

– When you share a page on social network, the title tag appears as an anchor text. As you see in the image below, “Quora For Beginners” which is the title of the page is displayed as an anchor text while sharing the page on facebook.

title tag in social network posts

What is the importance of title tags in SEO?

The title tag is very important as it is an headline for the content of the page. Both the users and search engines read the title and then can predict what would be the page about. The title tag appears in the search engine results page. This makes it more vital element.

If the title tag attracts the user to click on the link in the search engine results page then only the user will land up to your page. A good, clear and concise title tag may result in more clicks. If the title tag and the content of the page doesn’t match, not only the users but also the search engines would get upset.

SEO is incomplete without a proper title tag. The entire purpose of SEO is lost if users are not coming to your page. Even if your content might be the best, the user can only read it when he visits your page. Page title is thus considered as one of the key on-page SEO factor.

How to write a good page title?

  • A good title is one which is not more than 50-60 characters long.
  • The primary keyword should be in the very beginning of the title.
  • Avoid over-stuffing keywords in the title tag.
  • Every unique page should have a unique title tag. Do not use the same title for more than a single page.
  • If your brand name is strong, then you can add it at the end of the title.
  • Title tag should describe the content of the page.
  • The title must grab the reader’s attention. Make sure you have a catchy title which attracts the users.
  • Title tag should not match with the heading tags in the page.

The title tag can be optimized just by keeping in mind the few points mentioned above. Besides title tag, there are several other On-Page SEO factors which should be optimized. You can read “What Is On-Page SEO?” to know about the various other On-Page SEO factors.


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