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Google recently launched the beta version of Blog Compass in India. Blog Compass is Google’s latest android app which aims at helping bloggers in managing their sites and find out the trending topics on which they can write. Blog Compass by Google is a one stop solution for bloggers. It provides detailed statistics of the website traffic. The app connects with WordPress and & can access Google Analytics and Search Console too.

You can download the app from here

Setting Up Blog Compass Account

  • Open the app. Click on “Get Started” button
  • Tap on your gmail account
  • Then you will get a screen to select the language. Right now the app is available in English and Hindi language. Select the language of your choice and click on “Next”
  • Select the blog platform. Here, you have two options – WordPress and Blogger. If your blog is on WordPress, then select WordPress. If your blog is on then select Blogger. (The Jetpack plugin must be installed on your WordPress blog)

    Setting up blog compass account

    • I selected WordPress as my blog is on WordPress. In the next screen, one will have to authorize WordPress/Blogger for connecting it with Blog Compass Account.
    • Select your website and click on Next
    • Then you will be able to set up Google Analytics account.
    • Finally you will have to select your website categories

    Connecting blog compass with WordPress accounidth=

    With this your account is ready to use.

    How To Use Blog Compass?

    Home Screen

    When you open the app, the Home Screen displays the views on your website in the last 7 days. It also shows whether the views has increased or decreased, the number of views increased and the percentage by which the view have increased or decreased.
    Components of Blog Compass Home Screen

    For detailed analytics, tap on “View Activity” or tap on “Activity” option which is present at the bottom of the screen. This option enables you to view the statistics of the last week, month, last three months and a year too. It provides an interactive dashboard where you can view the traffic and also analyse the unique visitors, age group of the visitors and their gender.
    When you scroll down in the Activity dashboard, you can view the traffic source and the count of views from each source.

    Further, you get a count of the various google queries which returned your blog posts in the search engines result pages and the number of results which were clicked. This help you analyse that what google search queries have displayed your blog posts in the search results. Read “What Is SEO?” to understand the concept of search.

    And finally, you can see the top posts of your website and the number of views on them.


    Remember that you selected website categories while setting up the account? Topics section will display some popular keywords, the number of times they were searched in a month and some popular search queries. This will help bloggers to understand what is trending and on what all topics they can write. You can switch the language to check what all topics are recommended in Hindi. Also, you can see the trending topics by clicking on “Trending”


    The app attempts to make it more interesting by assigning various badges to you. Badges are given on the basis of page views, unique visitors and posts done in a particular month. This will encourage blogging. Bloggers will also be able to showcase their badges on social media.

    More Options

    Tap on “More” to view other features of the app. You can see your posts, the date when they were made, number of comments on them and total number of views on them.

    Tap on a post to get it’s detailed analytics. It will also let you know whether your post is Crawled, Indexed, Show On Google and Clicked on Google. Read “What Is On-Page SEO?” to understand how to improve your On-Page SEO so that your blog is crawled, indexed and shown on Google search results.

    You can arrange the posts by date, last modified date, number of views and title. Another interesting feature which is available in the more options is “Comments”. This section displays the comments which are new and to be approved & the approved comments too.

    The Learning Center enables you to access a rich set of articles which will help you in blogging. It has tutorials on whatever a blogger needs to know while blogging. Settings allow you to change the website categories, language, sign out and delete app data.

    Happy Blogging!

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