4 ways to write better tweets

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Twitter has more than 100 million users and thousands of tweets are tweeted every second. A lot of people use twitter on daily basis. But how many write proper tweets? In this age of digital marketing, when twitter plays a very important role in social media marketing, just occupying 140 characters and writing a simple tweet is not sufficient. We need to write better tweets which create a better impact on the audience.

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Let us see 4 ways to write better tweets.

#1. Keep the tweet short and simple

A tweet can be just 140 characters long. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the content and context of the tweet is perfect. It’s difficult to express views or opinions when you have the constraint of just having 140 characters. But, this is the beauty of this social networking platform.

No one has time or is interested to read complex or boring sentences on a dynamic and vibrant platform like twitter. So, make sure that your tweet is short, simple and also interesting.

#2. Use relevant hashtags

Tweets and hashtags are best friends. A hashtag is a word preceded by # sign. Hashtags not only help to describe the topic about which one is communicating but also help your tweets to be found in search results when a person searches for the same word in the search box.

Have you ever noticed trends on twitter? These trends are the popular hashtags on twitter which are used by a lot of people. Use relevant keyword as hashtag to make your tweet more better. Before using a word as hashtag, you can search it in search box and see what results do you get. If the results are relevant to the tweet you are planning to post then use it.

Hashtags can be anything. Any damn word which you feel would be partner to your tweet can be a hashtag. But having a relevant hashtag improves the quality of your tweet.

#3. Mention people and interact

Social media is made up of people and interactions. Twitter allows you to mention people in your tweets. It’s similar to tagging someone on a Facebook post. Use @ sign followed by the username of the tweeter who needs to be mentioned.

Whenever a person is mentioned in a tweet, he/she gets a notification. This increases the chances of the person to reply to your tweet and thus a conversation is initiated. A good tweeter do not forget to mention the relevant people along with relevant hashtags in his tweet. But this do not implies that we mention anyone and everyone in the tweet. Mention correct people and interact whenever and wherever possible.

#4. Use links and media like photos, GIFs and videos

We live in a generation of live videos and statuses. Images, GIFs and Videos have become integral part of social media. Everyone likes rich media and not just plain text.

Use relevant images and videos or GIFs along with your tweets. A picture speaks volumes and thus it is advisable to use it. Also with the limitation of 140 characters, pictures can act as saviour. Tweets with links, photos and videos get more engagement than plain text tweets.

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