Why should businesses do Digital Marketing?

Why should businesses do Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing is the new age marketing. With the increase in the influence of internet in our lives, the scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day. India has a huge population of around 1.3 billion people. Out of this vast population, more than 34% of people are now using internet. What does that implies?

More people on internet means more scope of reaching to them on internet. Internet is now reaching even to remote places in India. Also, the number of mobile internet users is increasing exponentially.

Let me list few reasons why you should switch to Digital Marketing.

1. Big Multinational Companies are understanding the power of Digital


Almost every big MNC has started giving importance to digital marketing and is trying to connect to people via social media platforms. People like you when you listen to them. Big MNCs are spending lakhs and crores for digital marketing. When big companies who already have a lot of business are spending so much on digital marketing, you can understand it’s importance.

2. High competition


If you have not started digital marketing for your business yet, you should start it now. People have already started it and are taking it’s advantage. Your competitors are going digital and you have not yet started the race. You can have a business offline, your business will become a “Brand” when you come online and start digital marketing. But yes, it’s not that easy as the competition is high. So, start before it’s too late.

3. Saves Money

You would be spending a lot on hoardings, brochures, banners, etc which has a short span of life. Imagine you gave a newspaper advertisement on 8th July,2016 than the advertisement will be only for that day. Also, it will be just viewed once or even many might not see it too. But, if you use digital marketing, you can reach your target audience 24 by 7, 365 days that too by spending lesser than it’s cost for a newspaper advertisement. Once you put something on internet, it will be there forever. So, say no to traditional paper based advertisements and go online to become a brand by spending much less.

4. Helps your business grow

With traditional marketing techniques, you were reaching to very few people. But, digital marketing helps you reach to a huge chunk of targeted audience. Yes, targeted audience. And this not only helps you to reach to them, but the chances of getting more customers also increases to a great extent.

5. Helps you communicate with your customers

You don’t need to call your customers or go and ask them to fill a survey. You can get feedback/suggestions online on social media platforms. You just need to present on social media platforms and interact. This will help you get direct reviews from your customers and makes the communication much more useful. Customers love when you listen to them. Are you listening to your customers?

6. Spreading awareness is easy

Not only reaching to the targeted audience and listening to existing customers, digital marketing helps you spread awareness about your products/services to the other people who might be your future customers. People like when you educate them. And, awareness is the first step of making new people interested in your business. So, spread awareness by going digital.

These are few reasons why businesses must do digital marketing. The list is too big and you will understand the power of digital marketing once you start doing it.



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