Quora For Beginners

Quora For Beginners

Quora is a place where millions get answer to their personalized questions. But, there are many who are not aware of this amazing question-answer website. Let us understand Quora in a better way.

All of us have a habit to ask questions. And, all of us like to get correct answers to the questions. With the evolution of Google, our habit of asking questions has also evolved. We want answers to any sort of questions. When we try to ask a question to Google, it takes the keywords from our questions, find out the most suitable link and displays us the results on the basis of relevancy.

But, very often we experience that we are trying to find out a something and Google is not able to understand our question in the way we are asking it. After all, Google is not a human. Humans can understand the questions asked by Humans in a much better way and provide much more precise answers for them.

Where does a human ask question on internet to find out answers from other humans?

The answer is Quora. Launched in 2010, Quora is a social media platform where you can ask questions and you can write answers too. One of the best and most widely used question answer site, Quora today is helping a lot of people to find out the best answers to their questions.

What can be done on Quora?

  1. Ask Questions, if you have a question.
  2. Give Answers, if you know the answer for someone’s question.
  3. Upvote an answer if you like it. “Upvote” is the same as Facebook’s “Like” button.
  4. Quora also allows you to Downvote an answer.
  5. You can comment, share, thank and much more.

Getting Started With Quora

To create an account on Quora, go to https://www.quora.com

You can Sign Up using your Google or Facebook account, OR you can sign up using your email.

When you sign in for the first time on Quora, you need to do certain things. Initially, you will have to select 10 topics of your interest. This is necessary as Quora will display you the relevant Questions based on your interests.

Once you have selected minimum 10 Topics, you will be allowed to continue.

Click on Continue button to proceed. The next screen will ask you to enter the topics which you know about.

Enter the topics which you know about and click on Continue. The next screen asks you whether you want to find your Facebook friends on Quora. Click Continue if you wish too, else simply click on Not Now and Proceed.

The next screen displays you some relevant people whom you might know. You can follow them here and Continue.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Quora Account and now you can Ask Questions and Write Answers.

How to ask a question on Quora?

Just type in your question in the “Ask or Search Quora” textbox and click on “Ask Question” button next to it.

Alternatively, you can click on “What is your question?” to write your question. Type in your question and Quora will provide similar questions as suggestion.

If you feel that your question is silly or if you are too shy, then you can also ask anonymously on Quora. Just check the “Ask Anonymously” checkbox and you become Anonymous.

As you can see in the snippet above, after checking “Ask Anonymously” checkbox, “Jainish Shah asks” got replaced with “Anonymous asks”. So this feature allows you to hide yourself when asking a question. Sounds interesting, right?

Now, suppose the question which you are asking already exists on Quora, then you will get the following error saying that the question has already been asked. Click on the question to view it’s answers.

Let me ask some other question to proceed ahead.

I entered “How do I learn MS Office in 2 days?” and clicked on Ask Question button in the bottom right corner.

Hurrah! so we have successfully learned to ask a question on Quora too.

What else can be done with the question which we ask?

We can edit the topics of the question. Every question is asked around some topic and Quora automatically puts your question in the relevant topic. In the above example, I asked “How do I learn MS Office in 2 days?”

Quora automatically decided the topics Microsoft Office, Microsoft (company) and Learning New Things for this question. You can edit these topics by clicking on the pen-like icon next to them.

Quora also displays the related questions next to your question.

What if you need to edit your question or delete it?

At any point of time, you can edit the question and it details, merge questions, delete a question or report an irrelevant question by clicking on the three dots button. Refer the above snippet.

How to answer a question on Quora?

If you love to help others, you can write as many answers as you can on Quora. Make sure that your answers are descriptive and helps the person who has asked the question. To write an answer, just click on answer button and start typing in your answer.

You can also write an answer anonymously. You can include links, images and also mention names in your answers.

Where to find the questions or answers written by you?

Click on your name on the top right corner and then click on “Your Content”. You will find all the questions asked by you and all the answers given by you here.

So, are these the only things which one can do on Quora?

You can do many and many other things on Quora.

Want to know what else you can do on Quora?
Why don’t you ask a question on Quora itself?



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